Build Great Apps with Google TV by Paul Saxman


-Avg. household people are 2.5 and 2.86 tv
-Avg. watch 5+ hours of tv
-2010 over 20% have internet
-2014 expected to reach 123 million

--TV needs to be better
--Internet to TVs
--Apps to TVs
--Ease for developers


-Android/Chrome for TVs (Sony is in beta)
-Devices with Google TV (Sony, Logitech, Visio, LG, *maybe* Samsung)
-Remotes created by Logitech and Sony
-Where should the multi-screen experience lay?


-Vital parts of your interface should be highlighted
-Throw away useless UI that doesn’t clutter the app
-Fluid layout and scalable assets
-Global, Navigation, Contextual